October, 2015

Book: Vernetzt – Zur Entstehung der Netzwerkgesellschaft

Clemens Apprich, Vernetzt. Zur Entstehung der Netzwerkgesellschaft, Bielefeld, transcript, 2015.

Many technologies and practices that have shaped Web 2.0 today date back to the 1990s – and so do the ideas of social media, user-generated content and participatory platforms. Thus, from a media-historical perspective, a lot of the ideas from that period about the future of the Internet have been implemented, albeit without fulfilling the envisioned socio-political utopias. By exploring the history of an alternative web discourse, Clemens Apprich develops a media genealogical understanding which is necessary to think beyond today’s pre-dominant concept of socio-technical networks and to intervene in current debates about the Internet.

More information: http://www.transcript-verlag.de/en/978-3-8376-3045-9/vernetzt-zur-entstehung-der-netzwerkgesellschaft