Barbara Glowczewski

Barbara Glowczewski (Dr and Pr) is a Professorial Researcher at the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale (CNRS/EHESS/Collège de France: She is an anthropologist specializing in Australian Indigenous issues, strategies of recognition and transnational networks shared with other Indigenous peoples and populations displaced by colonisation. She has been working in Central Australia with the Warlpiri people from Lajamanu (since 1979), in the Kimberley with the Yawuru and Djugun people and their neighbours (in the 1990’s) and in Townsville on the 2004 death in custody inquest and committal hearing of people arrested for “riot” on Palm Island. Author of 18 books (including Totemic Becomings. Cosmopolitics of the Dreaming, n-1 publications, 2015, and Desert Dreamers, Univocal, 2016), numerous articles and digital productions,  such as the film The Spirit of Anchor ( and a Warlpiri audiovisual collaborative archive ( Over the past two years has been involved in a transversal and ecosophical analysis of Umbanda Afro-Brazilian spiritual incorporations compared with Australian totemic rituals.

Latest Contributions