New Issue: Ephemera Journal 19 (4) – The Ethico-Politics of Whistleblowing

Randi Heinrichs, Bernadette Loacker and Richard Weiskopf (eds.)

A number of spectacular cases have recently spurred research and public debate on whistleblowing. Portrayals of whistleblowers oscillate between the heroic and courageous ‘truth-teller’ and the morally dubious and dangerous ‘trouble-maker’. Whilst acknowledging the deep ambivalence of whistleblowing, this special issue moves beyond individualising accounts. It situates the experience of whistleblowing in the context of the wider political economy, and considers it to be shaped by variegated socio-economic and political discourses, legal frameworks, institutional and organisational norms, as well as digital technologies. More information:

New Book: The Eternal Network

Kristoffer Gansing and Inga Luchs (eds.), The Eternal Network, Amsterdam, INC, 2020.

‘The network is everlasting’ wrote Robert Filliou and George Brecht in 1967, a statement that, at first glance, still seems to be true of today’s world. Yet there are also signs that the omnipresence of networks is evolving into another reality. In recent times, the limits of networks rather than their endless possibilities have been brought into focus. Ongoing media debates about hate speech, fake news, and algorithmic bias swirl into a growing backlash against networks. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the contemporary reach and relevance of the network imaginary.

More information: