Maribel Casas-Cortes

Maribel Casas-Cortes, PhD in Anthropology by UNC-Chapel Hill, is currently an independent researcher located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her recent political and academic work explores the intersections between border regimes, precarity, social movements and knowledge production, both in Spain and the US. She has published numerous articles in journals such as Rethinking Marxism, Cultural Studies and Anthropology Quarterly and book chapters in several edited volumes including A Handbook to Urban Anthropology, Practicas Otras de Conocimietno(s) and Insurgent Encounters. Together with geographer Sebastian Cobarrubias, she is conducting research on the mapping migration matrix formed by EU border institutions charged with externalizing migration policy to third countries outside of the EU. Maribel is currently writing a book on the theoretical legacy of social movements engaging precarity. She has been involved in bringing this concept/tool to US politics mainly through her participation in the Counter-Cartographies Collective.

Latest Contributions