Issue #6: Politics of Reproduction has received a new submission: In Digital Labour and Social Reproduction – Crowdwork in Germany and Romania, Mira Wallis demonstrates how crowdwork platforms such as Upwork, Appen or Microworkers intervene in the field of social reproduction. She does so on the basis of two questions: Firstly, she explores why people in Germany and Romania choose crowdwork and how these motivations are related to local conditions of reproduction. To what extent is their decision to engage in this form of digital home-based platform labour also a strategy for dealing with multiple crises of social reproduction? Secondly, she investigates how crowdworkers navigate the different spatialities and temporalities that emerge through working on a global digital labour platform from their private homes. Both questions are discussed on the basis of in-depth ethnographic research on crowdwork in Germany and Romania between 2018 and 2021.

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